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Manokaamna Infraresources LLP

In Manokaamna LLP We Manufacture MS Steel Pipe, Shutter Profile Sections ( HR Shutter Patti, CR Shutter Patti, GP Shutter Patti), Shutter Guide, Brackets, Springs and deals in HR Coils, CR Coils, GP Coils, MS Plate and HR, CR Sheets with specified Customized size.

We have a very strong and committed network of dealers. Such a broad dealer network enables us to ensure quantitative as well as qualitative up-gradation.


Manokaanma is constantly making every possible effort to upgrade our technology and improve our product quality to retain and enhance our market share. Our Company is conscious of the interest of our customers . Living in an era of cut-throat competition among formidable competitors we have built our strength through sustaining our focus on market-leading products.

In the year ahead and the ones to follow we will further our efforts to augment our competitive position by moving closer to our customers and expanding our presence to global shores. Together with the support of our esteemed clientele and steely resolve we aim for a Strong, Resurgent and Focused Manokaanma for Building Tomorrow.

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