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Indian steel exports hit all time high in June, how long will the party continue?

Mills have been gung-ho on overseas sales since the lockdown had begun in the third week of March and exports of finished flats, finished longs and semis had seen a sharp upswing from April till June. However, analysts SteelMint spoke to feel that the party for July till September can, if not exactly be rocking, enter a subdued phase. The main reason behind this could be the fact that domestic demand is trudging back. Usually, July-September is a period when mills get active on the exports front because the monsoon sets in and the domestic market become sluggish.

But, this year, analysts are not sure how the market will behave because buyers are returning after an almost three-month lockdown. One cannot predict with certainty but inference can be made that the market for rebars and longs - items that are required in construction - is not exactly looking great as of now because the monsoon has set in. Therefore, exports of these items will continue. But, in flats, domestic dema


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